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Luther Butler
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A Man Named Job and the Navahos by Luther Butler
The Civil War was raging. In March of 1862 Brigadier General Sibley and his Confederate Army of the South led Texas Rangers to Santa Fe. At Glorieta Pass, New Mexico, the Northern Army turned the Army of the South. The Southerners lost three howitzers. The Navaho leader, Delgadito, who hoped to use Job and his men to fight his enemies with the small mountain cannons, captured Major Job Stewart of the Southern Army. Job hoped to unite the Western Indians and lead them against the Yankees. Becoming integrated into the Navaho nation, Job and his men helped the Navahos survive the Trail of Tears to Fort Summers where there was nothing but STARVATION! Job helped Degadito's people back to their homeland after he rescued his Spanish wife and their son.
Job and the Navaho's trail of tears makes a compelling story straight out of the pages of history. The reader will live through cold winters and hot summers while following Navaho sheep. Mississippi men far from their Southern God adapt to a strange and sometimes barbaric world while they fight far survival in a hostile environment. When the war is over not a one of Job's men return home. They cast their fates into a land of gold, desert, and mountains that touch the sky.

AIDS (No Place to Die) by Luther Butler
The Reverend Doctor Nick Fielding owned a broadcasting network that covered the world. When asked to use his site to educate people about AIDS, he refused. AIDS- NO PLACE TO DIE gives the reason why this ex-Army hero changed his mind.

The Apostate by Luther Butler
Lycia barely finished reading her love letter from Obadiah when Lee and his band came back to the meeting. It was a few minutes before she could hear the loud shouting. "Brigham Young, you sent me and these men out without proper food and no pay to save your miserable life. We've come back fully expecting to find our families living in comfortable houses with roofs over their heads. Instead, we find our people living in tents with snow sifting down into their belongings." Brighams strong voice boomed out. "Now John, you are my family, we will make it right with you. Lets talk about this in private somewhere. We'll upset these folks, some of whom are new to the faith." Bishop George Miller spoke harshly, "While you fatten your own pocketbook, my families are still trying to get adequate roofs over their heads. Damn you, Brigham Young, for trying to take more than your fair share" "You will not speak to me this way, George Miller." Miller growing angrier started shouting for all to hear, "Well you will go to Deseret without me and mine. We are not listening to words from a false prophet any longer. Those of us, two hundred strong, who came together, are pulling out for Bishop Lyman Wight in Texas."

Bastard by Luther Butler
Robert Champion was born of two worlds. Maria, the young Mexican woman who gave him birth, called him Jesus with the soft Spanish accent, Hesus. Destined to be the Bastard, Maria tricked El Patrons son Roberto into thinking he started a son in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Brought up as a rico in the South Texas town of Cortinas, Roberto thought to help the migrant workers of his mother's family. A Colorado beet farmer changed those plans. Bastard, a tale of those who worked at cutting lettuce until time to go north and thin sugar beets, this is the powerful story of farm migratory workers.

Buccaneers by Luther Butler
England, Spain, and France fought to control the Caribbean. Timothy O'Leary jumped ship and shaped a group of runaways into Buccaneers who under Sir Henry Morgan raided the Spanish treasure houses. A tale of whores, drunkards, free booters, and nobles who shaped the New World.

Catfish Charlie by Luther Butler
Down in Texas there is a great rivalry between the University of Texas and Texas A. and M. Returned Korean War hero, Jim Crawford thought enough of Texas A.and M. that he gave his life so his son could attend the school that would make him a man. This is not another war story, this is the story of a man who spilled his blood in war and came home to a war that raged in his mind

Curse of God by Luther Butler
Insane cult leader Brother Bob ruled Halelsville, Texas with an iron fist. Before Journalist Professor Tom Davis could break the hold, the FBI and Federal troops were called into stop a crime wave that included murder. Brother Bob's replica of Solomon's Temple with gold trim sucked the money from those not only in the town, but from those traveling through.

Death Rode a White Horse (Book One of Two ) by Luther Butler
For years, characters and events in the Old Testament have teased my imagination. What was the full story? DEATH RODE A WHITE HORSE attempts to answer the events leading to Cain killing Abel. Using the Bible, history, and geography books, I have tried to make an interesting story from a very meager account. People reverence the Bible. They put it on a shelf and dust it with the other furniture. I would like to put the stories in the minds of people where they belong.

Deluge (Book Two of Two) by Luther Butler
The continuation of DEATH RODE A WHITE HORSE, this work of fiction answers the question of why Noah put a curse on his grandson, Canaan. Sad and funny, the second part of this Biblical science fiction novel continues to pit Lucifer against Creator while both use humans to gain their goals.

A Man Named Job and the Navahos Luther Butler
In March of 1862 Northern soldiers turned back Sibley and his Texas Rangers. Confederate Major Job Stewart's detachment and the Navahos captured three small cannons were captured by the Navahos at Glorieta Pass, New Mexico. This book is the exciting story of how Job and his men intertwined their lives into the fierce Navahos of the Navaho Nation!

Shark Bait by Luther Butler
SHARK BAIT is the author's attempt to create a bi-polar character. Readers who liked PSYCHO might like this story of a young Marine who cut up young ladies and used their body parts for shark bait! This story takes place on the mysterious Texas coast where some pretty weird things have happened. Put a log on the fire, turn out all the lights but your reading lamp, put your black cat in your lap, and enjoy this horror story.

Tuck by Luther Butler
Tuck was orphaned when cruel Indians killed his mother on their farm in Kentucky. Left to die along the trail he was saved by Old Ed. The tender boy was taken to Matagorda, Texas where he grew up with his human family of Old Ed, Molly, Freck, Jim, Tad and two ex-slaves. Mixed into the family were a bunch of animals with funny names such as Squint Eyed, Crooked Horn, Spot, and several thousand longhorns, and some very unusual Savages. Mix all of these characters with two cattle drives from Texas to San Diego and you have Tuck the damnedest saga of the West you ever read. Let three brothers fall in love with the same dance hall girl; lead them into the Civil War, and when brother fights brother and you have a love story you can't put down.

Woman in The Attic Window by Luther Butler
Her head had appeared at the house's top story attic for ten years or more since the killing time when her son went off to World War II.

“Who are you?” the lieutenant asked kindly.

“I do not know. The natives say they rescued me from a plane many monsoons ago.”

“My God, Lieutenant, it is a white man,” Tamery said when the speaker came into a dim light.

“Yes. I am not like the natives.”

“Will you come on out of that dark hole so I can see you better? I am Lieutenant Jim Moreland. And you have no idea who you are, and where you came from?” the lieutenant asked.

“No sir.”

“You are not pulling my leg, sir?”

“No. I do not know how I knew, but I knew.”

“Your name?” the lieutenant asked.

“My people call me, Ratu.”

“Chief, uh?”

“Yes. I am their Chief only because they have chosen me to be.”

“Admiral Whaite, I appreciate you taking your time to come over here and try to identify this man who calls himself, Ratu. Did you get a good enough look at him this morning to identify him?”

“Yes, Captain Nelson. At last a ghost comes back to haunt me. So many years. I've thought so many times about those we lost at sea that day. So many young men wasted. His name is…”


LAPLATA COUNTY SERIES is ten exciting novels published in five books. LaPlata County is in the southwest corner of Colorado. The author spent some of the best years of his life growing up on land between Hay Gulch and Alkali Canyon where the last six novels in this series take place.

La Plata County Series, Book One
County Dublin and Blood on the Moon
by Luther Butler

County Dublin is the first of ten novels in the La Plata County Series. The reader meets James Butler (alias James Wilkerson) was destined to rule the House of Ormonde in Dublin, Ireland. County Dublin has blood-seeking sharks, slavers, slaves and Irishmen who kill and mutilate to keep James Butler from his destiny. These obstacles drive him to Louisa County, Virginia. It is here he fathers two sons who are destined to travel across the South, until one homesteads in La Plata County, Colorado.

La Plata County Series, Book Two
Amite County and Mississippi Woman
by Luther Butler

Luther Butler continues his La Plata County Series. James Butler's (alias James Wilkerson) descendents find themselves caught up in the great American Civil War. Nat who dreams of becoming a soldier in the Southern Army narrates AMITE COUNTY. Eleven year old Nat is engaged in a conflict that tears him and his Black comrade, Charles Ray, from the Amite County farm to a dangerous Yankee prisoner of war camp.

La Plata County Series, Book Three
Indian & Soldiers and Ranchers & Rustlers
by Luther Butler

From Dublin, Ireland to Barbados, to Virginia, to Georgia, to Mississippi, James Wilkerson's lineage marches westward. Son Wilkerson continues to trace the roots of the people who settle La Plata County, Colorado. Two exciting novels make up La Plata County Series III. INDIANS AND SOLDIERS portrays the Cavalry's role in clearing La Plata County of the Ute Indians. RANCHERS AND RUSTLERS brings two retired Indian fighters into the County and into D.H. and Melinda Wilkerson's life. Privation follows the early settlers, but the beauty of the mountains compensates them.

La Plata County Series, Book Four
Homesteaders & Sheepherders and D.H.
by Luther Butler

Son Wilkerson continues the saga of La Plata County Serieswith HOMESTEADERS AND SHEEPHERDERS and D.H. In HOMESTEADERS AND SHEEPHERDERS, the Wilkersons struggle to make ends meet. The Utes are gone, but the sagebrush, pinyon, and cedar still remain to be cleared from the Dryside land. Suddenly, D.H. Wilkerson realizes he cannot make a living on the land he has accumulated so he turns to a large herd of sheep for money. Along with the sheep, death stalks the Dryside land in the form of angry Mormons, Diphtheria, Wallis Yonger, and Swamper, a child molester. Son Wilkerson steps in to help drive the sheep to the beloved La Plata Mountains.

D.H., is the continuation of the story of D.H. Wilkerson as told by Son. Driven from La Plata County by sickness, Son and D.H. wander the badlands of New Mexico and Arizona. Son returns to La Plata County to help his brother, Frank, run the ranch during World War II. Son is forced to grow up during a time when the world is coming unglued. While trying to cope with an insane father, he finds friendship with Duane and love with Dorothy Tuttle.

La Plata County Series, Book Five
I knew a Man Who had Six Sons and Squash Blossom
by Luther Butler

La Plata County Series beloved characters are involved in a tragic crash while flying over Korea! The end of an era is marked with a fire that brings a catastrophic end to the son of the Mississippi woman. The saga that began in a castle in Ireland where James Butler (alias James Wilkerson) was born ends on Son's beloved La Plata River. All is not lost; for out of the wreckage comes the return of a Ute Indian, Squash Blossom's descendent, who hopes to return a piece of the raped land to its native glory. Son brings this group of novels to an end, in spite of overwhelming odds.

Red Heifer
by Luther Butler

RED HEIFER is a fictional attempt to interpret the Apostle Paul. Perhaps you may not agree with the author's interpretation, but this novel will make you think.

The Mysterious Valley
by Luther Butler

Bold and mysterious, the Montana cowboy, Douglas McGarret, drove into the Paluxy River Valley without knowing the dangers facing him. Caught up in a vicious web, he cast aside all previous training to become a part of the Texas hill people. Was his love for Nelda Jean McCoy great enough to cause him to kill a traitorous Texas Ranger? Hidden deep within their minds, the people of Glen Rose, Texas still talk about who killed one of their own who turned traitor. Read Mysterious Valley to determine if it was the Montana Man who pulled the shotgun trigger. This book catches the clear waters of the Paluxy River at their best. Taste the limestone water and learn about the secret trade that made Glen Rose the target of Ma Ferguson and the Texas Rangers!

by Luther Butler

From the Publisher

Even though Hank's adventures are exciting and far ranging, he finds more tragedy than happiness. Why he eventually returns to his beginnings and finds a real purpose in life among the forgotten people of New Mexico will keep the reader engrossed in this novel of the American Southwest.


From Library Journal

Hank is a winner: champion rodeo rider, high school and college athletic star, beloved son, and sweetheart of the beautiful and equally talented Sadie. Growing up on a ranch in eastern New Mexico, he attends college and turns to preaching, not so much because he feels a special calling--in fact, he's a nonbeliever--but because he's so good at it. Hank eventually becomes pastor of one of the largest Baptist churches in Texas, but underneath the successful and self-assured veneer he yearns to discover his true purpose in life. This story of a bull-riding preacher struggling to find himself features out-of-the-ordinary characters and settings. For larger fiction collections.-- Maria A. Perez-Stable, Western Michigan Univ. Libs., Kalamazoo

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